How to enter the real estate investing niche…?

Greetings!  My name is Emily Hay and I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog!  To get you acquainted to my site, I want to give you a bit of background…

Over the past five months, I have become exposed to the wide world of real estate investing.  That exposure combined with my interest in entrepreneurialism and achieving personal wealth, has given me the motivation to begin a new venture of real estate investing combined with social media/online marketing from the get-go.

I’ve made a quick video that outlines what has brought me to the point I am at today, I think it will be helpful for providing context (and the points I highlight are listed below the video):

–       I became aware of the mass amounts of wealth people can build in real estate investing

–       I acknowledged my interest in the world of real estate investing and decided I needed to explore how I could get involved

–       I concluded that real estate investing associations/clubs, online gurus, publications, webinars, books and tv programs were accessible resources that involved virtually no risk (and only an investment of my free time)

–       I became aware of and learned some of the challenges one faces in real estate investing – and realized that a clear path of entry into this field does not exist

–       I simultaneously became exposed to online social media as a forum to convene like-minded people that can speed up the learning curve on any topic

–       I decided to take action – to begin making investments to get my feet wet in real estate investing

–       I planned to share what I have learned and what I will continue to learn as a “newbie” to help other people have a clear path to get involved in real estate investing

So, as you visit my blog and become acquainted with me and my journey into real estate investing – welcome!  And I hope you accept the invitation on my home page!

Thanks for visiting and here’s to our future real estate investing relationship! 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to enter the real estate investing niche…?

  1. Emily, Just watched your quick video. Thank you, for sharing your path to realestate investing. Like you stated “I also read, attended workshops,Webinars,Reia clubs. As a newbie, we need to be careful on how much information we take in. It is better, to apply your information along the way. You risk, becoming overloaded with information and stuck on which direction to take. It clearly looks like you know your direction. I wish, you lots of success in your realestate investing.
    Sheila Bima

    • Hi Shelia, I really appreciate your insight – yes, information overload can be paralyzing…I have had the most success when I define an area to focus on, define my methods to take action and then tune out anything else I can until I have made the progress I set out to. I look forward to being in touch, thanks again! ~Emily


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