Real Estate Investors Should Use Google Friend Connect

Hi Everyone!  I am doing a quick post to highlight a very cool application from Google….it is called “Google Friend Connect”.  As real estate investors, networking is incredibly important and this tool adds yet another layer to your social media presence, making it easier for people to find you.

I recently became a fan of Google Friend Connect as you can see I added it to my blog’s sidebar.  (A special thanks goes to James Roy, Frank Nemecek & Justice Wordlaw for being the first three friends to join my Google Friend Connect!).

If you are currently a gmail user for example, then signing up for this is cake…the interface is very “Googley”  (which in my terms means incredibly user-friendly, free, and consistent with other useful Google applications).

Here are some quick steps to sign-up for Google Friend Connect so you can take advantage of the features AND I would LOVE for you to join my Google Friend Connect today! 🙂

Here’s what you do:

– Go to:

– Create a google account if you don’t have one – if you do, simply sign in

– Add your website name, website URL, Website language, continue

– Be sure you have a photo associated with your account (I uploaded my photo by going to “Settings” from my gmail account.  You will see “My Picture” for you to upload to.)

– Come to the Google friend connect members gadget on the right sidebar of my blog and click “join”…then your smiling face will appear!

– Once you are connected through Google friend, you can click on any other member’s profile pic and you will be able to easily connect with them through their Facebook, twitter, or any other profiles that person has linked with their Google account.

If you want to take this a step further and add the Google Friend Connect widget to your blog, I encourage you to check Katie Freiling’s post she did showing you how to do this:

Thanks and I look forward to Google Friend Connecting with you soon!

Emily A. Hay

3 thoughts on “Real Estate Investors Should Use Google Friend Connect

  1. Great post on your google friend connect. it is a great source in really building up friends and people to network with. One of the most powerful things that you could use truly. Great Post emily

  2. Hi Emily, I am officially your Google Friend. I am glad you are in the real estate investing Niche… So important. I have a background in real estate, so I really dig what you are doing.



    • Hi Casey! Thanks for connecting – I am happy to have you on Google Friend connect & on my blog 🙂 That is great to hear that you are very familiar with real estate! Every single real estate investor from newbies to experienced should utilize video marketing – you & your blog will be a great resource for them. I am happy to make a specific “video marketing” action plan for real estate investors as well. Thanks again! ~emily


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