Moms Night Out: Fair Play Documentary Screening and Audience Discussion

Are you the default for every household and domestic task for your family? If yes, you are SO. Not. Alone. I’m thrilled to have led an interactive evening for more than 100 metro Detroit women that attended a Mom’s Night Out event hosted by Hay There Social Media, aimed...

Why I’m Done Multitasking

Why I Decided to Stop Multitasking I’m all out of multitasking.  I think my multitasking has stopped for good. I was doing it round the clock.  Flourishing as a multitasker.  Then I lost it…my desire to multitask. It was like I had used my capacity to multitask all up...

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky Book Review

No words on a book cover have ever resonated with me deeper than those of Fair Play by Eve Rodsky, “A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much To Do (and More Life to Live)”.  They spoke to my soul when I first saw the book in late...

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