How to Name Your Business

Hi Everyone!  In today’s video, I am sharing with you specific steps to help you name your real estate investing business. When you are starting a new real estate investing business, there are 4 main tasks you must complete to create your business’s foundation.  If you are already an...

How to Obtain an EIN & Set Up Your Company Bank Account

As real estate investors, we all share the following visual close to our hearts…the one where we are posing for a photograph with our first big check in hand…all those zeros as evidence of the tremendous efforts we put forth to result in a successfully completed deal.  That day...

No Excuses!!

Hi Everyone!  Emily Hay here and I attended the most amazing conference this past weekend in Las Vegas at the Venetian (be sure to check out photos below)! The “No Excuses” Summit, a 3-day conference for online marketing entrepreneurs, was hosted by some of the biggest, most successful online network...

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