No Excuses!!

Hi Everyone!  Emily Hay here and I attended the most amazing conference this past weekend in Las Vegas at the Venetian (be sure to check out photos below)!

The “No Excuses” Summit, a 3-day conference for online marketing entrepreneurs, was hosted by some of the biggest, most successful online network marketers in the industry.  The energy and passion that each entrepreneur displayed was simply infectious and I was most impressed with how approachable each speaker was; there was no room for arrogance or pretentiousness.  The leaders in the online marketing industry at the “No Excuses” Summit had a genuine interest in each and every attendee’s success, which I found absolutely refreshing.

There were so many beneficial messages and themes shared over the weekend that apply to our lives as individuals, as business owners (both new and established) or just as people embarking on a new path/challenge in life.

As you know, my site is meant to provide you with direction to becoming the real estate investor you want to be.  Part of pushing yourself towards any type of success requires regular motivation and constant development.

Here is a mix of 5 powerful tips and ideas that I learned this past weekend that you can benefit from immediately:

1)    It is ok to be uncomfortable. I am sure you have heard this before that staying comfortable never made anyone wildly successful.  What I finally realized this weekend is that you can’t necessarily remove the feeling, you can acknowledge that you feel uncomfortable and choose to not let the feeling stop you from making progress forward.

2)    Plan your day the night before. Write down 5 things at night that you will accomplish the next day.  Anything more then 5 can seem daunting.

3)    Get creative when distributing business cards. Slip them in newspapers, leave them in hotel rooms, drop one with your bill at a restaurant, and even pay for the person behind you at a highway toll and leave a card behind.

4)    You can’t be everything to everyone, you will attract the right people by being yourself! Figure out what your unique abilities are and how to share them often. Help others regularly and often –share advice that you yourself would benefit from.

5) – Use this site to upload a photo that will be associated with your primary email address.  The silhouette of a gray faceless man will no longer represent you when you leave comments on blogs 🙂

Here are some great quotes from “No Excuses”:
“Adopt a warrior mindset…commit to your business and fight to the death!”  Jonathan Budd

“Fear of something is a sign of untapped potential for growth.”  Katie Freiling

Problems lead to progress…when faced with a problem, say,

“Yes!  A problem!  We are about to make some progress!” Jairek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins

“Your customers have the money, you just don’t have the offer!” Mark Hoverson

“There is no ‘try’, only ’do’!”  Cedrick Harris

And now a few photos from the weekend:

7 thoughts on “No Excuses!!

  1. The “No Excuses” summit looks like it was amazing. I am looking forward to exploring you sight and learning more. All the best!!

    • emilyahay

      Hi Aaron! Thank you very much for your comment! “No Excuses” was a fantastic weekend spent learning about the world of online marketing and being around other motivated entrepreneurs. It was great getting to spend time with the speakers and absorb some of their expertise — I know it has already helped me as I work on my topic of real estate investing. Congrats on your new blog! 🙂 I really encourage you to spend some time on Katie Freiling’s blog (she was at “No Excuses”,, as she offers tremendous insight to someone starting out and you seem willing to learn all you can, which is awesome! Have a great day and I look forward to your future comments ~emilyahay

  2. Hello Emily,
    Yes the No Excuses Summit was amazing and there is no substitute for being at this great event! The stage was packed with great speakers and the hallways and breakout sessions were even of more value. Make sure everyone on your list is at the next one!!!!


    • Hi Jay! Thanks for your note – I am happy to hear from someone else who was so motivated by everything that took place at the event! Please keep me posted when you hear about the next Summit, such an important element to any entrepreneur, to network with like-minded individuals 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! ~emilyahay

  3. Emily, what great tips! It sounds like the No Excuses Summit was very valuable! Thank you for sharing your experience and some practical and useful advice. I especially like your creative answer to getting your business card in front of more eyes. I have also left my business card in the ladies room and in elevators. Thanks for this great new blog!
    Sheri Watkins

    • Hi Sheri, thank you for your comment! I am happy to hear you also take creative approaches to business card distribution. Please share tips anytime that you have come up with from working to build your own business! Thanks again ~emilyahay

  4. walter

    Great Idea about the business cards, would have never tought of doing that. It might be a good way for me to get clients for the other business im thinking of doing. Thanks for sharing that. By the way also love quotes. Well take care Emily keep doing what your doing Im sure you help out a lot of people by just sharing your information with others.


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