3 Topic Generating Ideas for Your Small Business’ Next Blog Post

“Hay There” Friends!  Are you a small business owner with writer’s block?  Stumped on what the heck to write about on your small business’ blog?  Here is some insight that will surely get your content juices flowing! I had a very enlightening meeting this morning with small business owner...

Small Business Social Media Observations from San Francisco

Hi Everyone!  I prepared this quick video message after spending some QT with small business owners at the Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco last weekend. The weather was incredibly warm, the atmosphere at the market was so vibrant and the entrepreneurial energy of the many small businesses...

How Small Business Owners Can Learn a Lot From…LeBron James??

Being a Cleveland native, the whole LeBron James move to Miami has really stuck with me over these past few weeks.  I know his move to the Heat may be “old news” to most people at this point but the whole situation has fueled a lot of personal thought. ...

Social Media = Small Business Game Changer

To set the stage for this social media section of my blog, I want to point out why social media is such a GAME CHANGING OPPORTUNITY for your small business. A lot of people lately are coming to the realization that social media is not a trend or a...
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