2 thoughts on “How to Get a Logo for Your Small Business

  1. Emily,

    Here are a few additional resources that I use for finding amazing deals on design work:

    1. Logonerds.com – They design logos for just $27 and headers for just $17 and they do GREAT work!

    2. Fiverr.com – This is a site where people will do anything for $5. The challenge is that it is “hit and miss”. That said, I have had some amazing work done for $5 (including a kindle book conversion that most people charge $150 for).

    3. Odesk.com – This is a freelance site and again the talent varies. I found a WordPress designer here who is a Rockstar and has done some amazing work for me and my clients.

    In this day and age, these sites seem to be doing very well. Part of me feels bad using them because I know that good designers need work too, but when my competition is using them, it only makes sense to do the same to keep my margins.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Anthony – thank you very much for taking the time to outline these additional resources…I LOVE these tips! I am personally a fan of Fiverr.com myself — I had an illustrator do the “evolution drawing” in my “About” section for $5 🙂 Great idea on the kindle book conversion. I will head on over to check out your latest blog post as well – it looks like a great topic.
      Thanks again for stopping by, looking forward to your future comments!


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