Small Business Social Media Observations from San Francisco

Hi Everyone!  I prepared this quick video message after spending some QT with small business owners at the Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco last weekend.

The weather was incredibly warm, the atmosphere at the market was so vibrant and the entrepreneurial energy of the many small businesses on site was especially exciting to me.  I was interested to see if small business owners in the “.com society” in CA are actively using social media as a means to grow their business.

I ventured out on an unofficial market research quest of my own and talked to many of the vendors present.  Many of the small business owners informed me that they currently have a Facebook page but few were stumped with what role it played in their overall social media presence.   When I asked whether or not they were blogging for their business, I had one person say “No…but I have a website and a Facebook page…but I usually don’t get around to updating either.”

I can certainly understand the confusion around how to leverage the social media marketing platform.  If someone asked me to explain the role of soil in growing organic vegetables, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start — people all have different knowledge bases and expertise.  Based on the insight I gained last weekend, I have decided to do some blog posts that will give specific actions for small business owners to implement to put social media marketing to work for them!

I look forward to being in touch soon…also — if anyone has an excuse to go to San Francisco anytime soon, let me know, I’d love to jump in your suitcase 🙂

To Your Social Media Success,

~Emily A. Hay

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