Small Business Owners, Get LinkedIn for Social Media Success!

Hay There, Friends…Emily A. Hay here!  Since we at Hay There Social Media LOVE putting social media to work for small business owners, we take on many projects regarding LinkedIn…the world’s largest professional social network.  We speak with executive leadership teams about how to use LinkedIn for individual use and...

Small Business Social Media Success from Scotland!

“Hay There,” Friends!  Today I am excited to share some international examples of small businesses successfully leveraging social media to grow their businesses. I had the good fortune of taking a trip to the UK this July and had a lovely time in bonnie Scotland.  From the memorable sights...

Connecting a Small Business to Effective Online Influencers

Hay There Friends!  It’s 6:00am…Saturday morning…alarm goes off…I jump out of bed…yes its Saturday… excited to get to the bakery…even without coffee…all to deliver SOCIAL MEDIA RESULTS! (From L to R):  Joe Hakim & David Benjamin, Hungry Dudes; Tina Yancey, Great Harvest Bread Birmingham Owner, Emily A. Hay In...

A Social Media Strategy That Works!

Are YOU Starting Your Day with a Social Media Strategy? Small Business Client Case Study... If you’ve visited my blog before, you may have sensed my passion for leveraging social media to deliver results!  We all know that anytime you set out to obtain a goal, you must have...

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