Work + Life Integration Nation™ Video Series with Emily A. Hay

Work + Life Integration is about intentionally living every moment, integrating every one of your responsibilities and choices into your life — with synergy. It’s a way to design your day – your LIFE – to allow you to be present and fulfilled; NOT overwhelmed and lacking focus both...

Emily A. Hay Featured on the Mother Honestly Podcast

Emily A. Hay was recently featured on the Mother Honestly podcast highlighting how she’s empowering moms to use social media marketing to enhance their skillset. Mother Honestly is the fastest growing media company for modern ambitious women to thrive in and beyond motherhood. The Mother Honestly podcast works to intersect...

How I Nested to Become Self-Employed

Anyone who has had a baby knows about nesting. It’s a biological urge or instinct that most women get right before baby is born to fix up or clean your home. In fact, if you’ve had a baby, that last surge of energy to get things done around your...

How COVID turned FOMO into SOMO for this Type A mom

I think everyone has heard of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which is brought on by seeing everyone live their best curated lives on social media, right? But COVID-19 has brought on a new social media-related affliction, especially for me, a self-professed Type A mom: SOMO, or Sadness of...
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