Work + Life Integration Nation™ Video Series with Emily A. Hay

Work + Life Integration is about intentionally living every moment, integrating every one of your responsibilities and choices into your life — with synergy. It’s a way to design your day – your LIFE – to allow you to be present and fulfilled; NOT overwhelmed and lacking focus both professionally and personally.

Hay There Social Media trains women to run their own social media businesses to empower them to become work+life integrators and get that flexibility we all need.

In light of our work life needing to be adaptable to our personal lives more than ever, I launched a social media video series about living intentionally in what our team calls, “Work + Life Integration Nation™.”

In the video series, I asked each guest:

  • Why did you integrate your work and life?
  • What does work+life integration mean to you?
  • What positive results have you seen from integrating work and life?
  • What has been challenging and how have you met those challenges?
  • What advice do you have for women wanting to become work+life integrators?

Meet the six women I interviewed below:

Meet Susie

This video features Susie Wheldon, mama to 2, entrepreneur and wife to the late Dan Wheldon, the two-time Indianapolis 500 Champion and the 2005 Indy Racing League IndyCar Series Champion. In this interview, she shares brilliant insight on how she manages her professional goals, her passions and her responsibilities as a single mom raising two talented up-and-coming race car drivers.

Meet Navyn

This video features Navyn Salem, the Founder and CEO of Edesia Nutrition and MeWe Nutrition. From meetings at the UN to supporting the lives of her four teenage daughters, Navyn shares what works best for her, what doesn’t, and gives women her best advice if they are considering a change.

Meet Christine

This video features Christine Moore, healthcare hero, mama of 4, owner of Lil Buff Protein (protein-packed cake treats…not kidding). In this episode she shares how the work+life integration path CHOSE HER, ways she incorporates her kids in her business and advice from the trenches for women currently doing one profession wanting to build a passion project on the side.

Meet Nikki

This video features Nikki Little, VP of Strategy at Franco, integrated communications professional, mama of twins. In this episode, she shares how the work+life integration path chose her after finding out she and her husband would go from a family of 2 to 4 in 9 short months. This Type-A gal gets real about how she wears her mom hat without losing sight of her professional goals.

Meet Samantha

This video features Samantha Ettus, CEO & Founder of Park Place Payments, bestselling author, Harvard MBA and mama of 3. In this episode, Sam proves again how she is a champion for women at her core. Warm, sharp and relatable this busy mom will give you action steps and new ways to think about how you CAN have it all.

Meet Meaghan

This video features Meaghan Murphy, Content Chief at Woman’s Day magazine, author, podcast host and mama of 3. In this episode, Meaghan shares her tips to find the #YayInEveryday, how to channel your passions and how she literally incorporates her kids into her work. Engaging, real and funny, this busy mom shares how she shows plenty of gratitude.

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