Emily A. Hay on WDIV Detroit Discussing Burnout and Ambition

The setbacks women are experiencing professionally and personally during this pandemic are not letting up. Is this because of an ambition gap or simply a result of burnout?

It is taxing to juggle caregiving demands and work commitments when systems we put in place aren’t operating as usual because of the pandemic. Naturally, doing too much for too long depletes you and leads to burnout. And being ambitious takes energy, focus and commitment and we all know you can’t pour from an empty cup.

THE GOOD NEWS: I’m encouraged everyday at Hay There Social Media​​ when I see women pondering new options for their professional path (not giving up), making it the norm to go at a realistic pace (reducing burnout), and supporting one another by feeling understood for having so many demands (not feeling like they need to apologize or or are less ambitious for having caregiving demands).

Check out a recent segment I did on WDIV Local 4 in Detroit exploring this topic:

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