16 Michigan Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2014

I was recently honored to be named one of 16 Michigan Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2014 in an article written by Delane Parnell (@delane) for Medium.com.  Thanks so much, Delane!

Here’s an excerpt from the article that lists entrepreneurs ranging from college students to venture backed CEOs…congrats to all named!

medium-logoThere’s no denying that Michigan breeds top tier business talent. Take Larry Page (born in East Lansing), Tony Fadell (born in Farmington Hills), Eric Lefkofsky (born in Detroit), and even William Hewlett (born in Ann Arbor) for example. With all of the excitement and energy buzzing around the growth of tech hubs across Michigan, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next big startup was birthed from someone with ties to the state. Now if you’re wondering if I think they’ll stay here to build their company, that’s a discussion for another post.

Below you’ll find 16 people that I believe are prime for a major success, sooner or later. They all come from different walks of life and are doing somewhat different things, but are each talented and share the drive & determination needed to succeed.

    1. Chase Lee, CTO of Ambassador, Co-Founder of Fetchnotes and manages Hackers & Hustlers
    2. Dave Anderson, CMO of backstitch and a Co-Founder of Bamboo
    3. Nancy Xiao, General Manager & Co-Founder of Creators Co-Op
    4. Jeff Bargmann, Founder & CEO of PhotoDrive
    5. Dave Fontenot, Founder of MHacks
    6. Edward Tang, Co-Founder of Avegant
    7. Allan Evans, Co-Founder of Avegant
    8. Andrew Landau, Co-Founder of Chalkfly
    9. Ryan Landau, Co-Founder of Chalkfly
    10. Amanda Lewan, Founder and Editor of Michipreneur
    11. Mike Vichich, Co-Founder and CEO of Wisely
    12. Ryan Vaughn, Co-Founder & CEO of Varsity News Network
    13. Erik Torenberg, Founder and CEO of Rapt.FM
    14. Raj Vir, Creator of DiggintheFuture and Hack My Facebook
    15. Andrew Rauh, software engineer at the University of Michigan
    16. Emily Hay, Founder and CEO of Hay There Social Media

For the full article and photos, check out the full article on Medium.com.

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