Emily A. Hay Featured on The Momsanity Podcast with Amy Galvin and Parita Kuttappan

I am honored to be a recent guest on the Momsanity podcast with hosts Amy Galvin and Parita Kuttappan.  This episode is particularly personal because in the Fair Play Documentary, I shared how the stress from the invisible work builds up and then I boil over.  And it ain’t pretty.

So what’s a mom/wife/woman to do?

One of the things I’m working on is changing my perspective to NOT celebrate alllllll the things I am able to get done as a mom.  Because let’s face it, managing alllllll the things is not sustainable or fair.  Not fair for you, for your partner, for your children, for society.

The saying goes, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

  • Just because I *can* manage a jam-packed to do list…
  • Just because I *can* get it all done without help…
  • Just because I *can* in the moment rally myself and say “I’ve got this…”
  • Just because I *can* absorb more and more and more tasks that come up…

**Doesn’t mean that I should.**

In this audio clip below from the Momsanity podcast, I shared my perspective shift that being overloaded is NOT a badge of honor.  Being stretched to the max — despite still being able to get it all done — isn’t a fair way to operate as a mom.

It further hit home when I realized I was modeling for my children an expectation I don’t want them to have of themselves someday.

Admirably, we are working as a society to reject hustle culture and to embrace mental health, awareness and boundaries.  For 2+ years since my husband and I started filming for the Fair Play Documentary, I have been working on no longer normalizing, glamorizing or celebrating an existence where women are expected to do everything.

And it started with changing my own expectation of myself.

A synopsis from Apple podcasts:

In this episode, Amy and Par talk about the mental load of motherhood, its impact, and how to ease it a bit.   They also chat with Emily A. Hay from Hay There Social Media about her experience with the mental load as she searched for more equity in her life and relationship.

In this episode of the Momsanity Podcast, Amy and Par discuss:

  • What the mental load is, and why it feels so heavy.
  • The impact of the mental load (re: walk into the kitchen and forget what you came in for!)
  • Practical solutions to decrease the weight of the mental load, including how the Fair Play method helped Amy build a more equitable relationship with her partner

Links to the socials:

IG: @amygalvin05Visit: https://www.amygalvincoaching.com

IG: @myinnershaktiVisit: https://www.awarifycoaching.comFollow

IG: @emilyahayVisit: https://haytheresocialmedia.com

Links & Resources:

⚖️ Learn more about Fair Playhttps://www.fairplaylife.com

🍿 Watch the Fair Play documentary

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