Overcoming Obstacles

You know how there are just some people in life who help propel you forward?  That without their support and guidance, you feel like you may not have made any progress towards your goals?  One of those people for me is a woman named Eleni Kelakos, a personal development coach, a friend and mentor.  Eleni (whose signature mantra, “Touch the Sky,” can uplift and guide your actions to any size goal) is close to releasing her upcoming book.  Personally, I can’t wait for it as it as it’s a sure bet to be chock full of her priceless words of wisdom!

Eleni Kelakos

Recently, Eleni asked me some questions that challenged me to define some ways I overcome obstacles.  I wish I had one sure-fire recipe to tackle life’s hurdles that come in the way of achieving greatness in our personal and professional lives; however, one set way just doesn’t exist.  It’s a process; it takes practice.  We get good at things we practice and it can’t hurt anyone to be GOOD at overcoming obstacles, right?  Here are the questions she asked with some quick insight as it was “live streaming” from my mind.

How would you answer these questions?

Eleni: What do you to help yourself keep going when faced with obstacles?

Emily: I am all about having correct expectations set and preparing myself as best as possible (I am a Type A “planner” dealing in an unpredictable entrepreneurial world…not necessarily qualities that are a match made in heaven :)).

I set my expectations to include challenges. Ugly, scary, sick to your stomach, doubt everything you know challenges. Then, when I hit one of these challenges, I am not thrown off by it…I am ready for it. I don’t like it, but I get through it because I anticipated it.

I don’t doubt my plan, I don’t question whether or not it was meant to be. Challenges are part of the process. Question yourself if you do NOT hit challenges…if things are too easy, something might not be right. Adages like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” help me as well. It’s so true — you will be better the NEXT time you hit the challenge because you will have already been through it.

Eleni: What do you do to fuel yourself, to encourage yourself to keep taking the actions you need to take towards realizing a goal?

Emily: I tell myself I am TOO FAR to turn back now. I am SO FAR PAST the point of no return, that NOT going forward isn’t an option. Plain and simple. Don’t give yourself the choice to turn back, then you won’t be able to choose it 🙂

It took me a while to grind out to get to that “point of no return” so while you are pursuing that point, stay razor sharp focused, nose to the grindstone and know that reaching the point of no return is liberating!! Then it’s not as scary to keep going forward because it would be silly to go back. Even though I haven’t reached my end goal, getting to that point of no return is one of the most satisfying accomplishments I’ve had to date.  Only you can define that point of no return for yourself.

I have always liked the phrase “hold the rope.” To me, it symbolizes that when all else gets complicated and it becomes hard to see your goal through the complex challenges, that as long as you “hold the rope,” you won’t fall off or get lost on your way to your goal. Stay true to your plan, hold the rope. Even if you don’t have the mental energy to charge forward at the moment, simply hold the rope and you will stay on track, things will be ok.

Also, I am the type of person where my regret for NOT doing something, for NOT trying, for NOT pushing, for NOT satisfying my appetite to try to succeed is FAR WORSE than the regret I would face never having tried at all.  Kind of like the saying, “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  In my opinion, it is “better to have taken action towards achieving one’s dream than never to have acted at all.”

Good luck to Eleni as her new book launch is on the horizon!

How do YOU overcome obstacles?  What does the expression, “hold the rope” mean to you?  

I look forward to hearing and thanks for reading!

~Emily A. Hay


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