How to Do a Video Blog Post for Your Small Business

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As small business owner that wants to effectively leverage social media to grow your business, it is a very strong plan to have blogging at the core of your social media strategy.  Expert video bloggers from around the world & marketers alike will tell you that recorded video message is an essential format for your blog content.

I recorded this video message from a very scenic location in Miami to show you how EASY it can be to create visually interesting backdrops for a video for your small business’ blog.  Even if you have backdrop ideas but aren’t sure what to say, in this message, I outline some specific points to talk through on your next (or first!) video.

If you know of any fellow small business owners that may benefit from recording videos for their business’ blog, I’d love for you to please pass this link along via the Facebook share and Retweet buttons!

Please feel free to put any questions or comments in the section below and I’d be more than happy to get back…don’t forget to post a link to your most recent video blog post – I can’t WAIT to see it! 🙂


~Emily A. Hay

6 thoughts on “How to Do a Video Blog Post for Your Small Business

  1. Gabriel

    Hey, Emily! Great vid! It’s bright, scenic, and your message is short, but informative and useful. I’m working on a blog and will publish it soon. I have yet to get my vid cam because I have a few other things to scratch of my list, but my blog will be ready soon. The problem is that I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to that sort of thing. I know I should just get it out there though and will do so by the end of next week. Yikes! I’m getting nervous thinking about it. Anyway, thanks again for great vid. Have a great day, Emily!


    • Hi Gabriel! Thanks for your feedback – I like efficient messages 🙂 I am VERY happy to hear about your blogging endeavors! Don’t be nervous because remember, its all part of the process for your work and messaging to evolve. I also like to think — if you wait around for tangible proof of a perfect end result, that proof will never come…at some point you have to take a step over the boundary and take action. Slowly but surely you will make progress – I am working on that step myself…it takes time for sure!
      Have a great day too and I can’t wait to see your first post!

  2. I am trying to start a video blog but want it to look professional. what equipment would you recommend and what other tips would you recommend for a professional looking video blog? thanks in advance

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for stopping by! For a video blog, the equipment I recommend you start with is an HD Flip Cam (or similar brand), a $20 tripod from Amazon and a nice bright background…that’s it. I know people will advise that you get a lapel mic, special lighting and video editing software (which can all help your end result) but when you are starting out, I like for people to invest in some quality basics so you can get moving on that first video blog. It will be a sign of progress when you are able to look at a few videos you’ve made and be able to say “Next time, I am going to try…”

      Keep in mind that the clarity of your message will portray professionalism as well as what you choose to wear for example. Since the nature of blogging is to provide dynamic, valuable information about one’s business on an ongoing basis, the etiquette of video blogging does not demand “studio quality” editing once reserved for large expensive video productions in my opinion.

      Talk to you soon and thanks again!

  3. Thanks Emily for the input. Excited to get started- since I want to do these for my internal company website and also the general public it might be better for me to start out with an upgraded camera so I don’t have to worry about upgrading down the road. Can you recommend the next step up in camera’s? Thanks again

    • Hi Jeff,

      Great job on the progress! Based on the fact that you are already blogging for your business, adding the element of video posts will help you with a killer online presence!

      My experience is with the Flip HD but I have heard great things about the Sony Handycam Camcorder. It’s around $2k but it captures great sound and comes with video editing software. I also made my decision to go with a Flip because of the USB arm to upload directly to my YouTube channel. I wanted to cut any extra steps to allow me to blog often and on the go (it has been super easy to take my Flip to do video blog posts from Miami & California…if I had a nicer camera, I would be over the carry-on luggage allotment :))

      Send me a link to your first video blog post! Thanks again for stopping by,


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