How to Get VIRAL Social Media Coverage for Your Small Business!

“Hay There,” Friends!   Media coverage is great publicity for your business…its even better when something positive about your business GOES VIRAL online through social media. With the right person accountable for implementing an effective social media strategy and social media activity for your business, you too can experience viral media coverage. This kind of exposure to your target audience is tremendously effective for your small business.

Today I am sharing a “case study” of a social media result I recently experienced with a small business client.  We were able to get viral media coverage by starting with one 140 character tweet.

One of my client’s has a core focus on increasing foot traffic into their store.  As part of the social media strategy I developed with them, we identified a specific target audience to proactively connect with through social media to meet this goal.

Part of my social media management responsibilities includes regularly tweeting on a client’s behalf.  While networking for Great Harvest in Birmingham via twitter –or “tweetworking”— I met a wonderful group called the “Oakland County Moms”, family-oriented resource for southeast Michigan.  OCM and I had a few conversations through twitter and I learned about their mission while sharing information about my client’s business.  Since OCM is a family-oriented online hub and Great Harvest in Birmingham gives regular tours for student groups, we scheduled an on-site tour for OCM with the owner of Great Harvest.

The Oakland County Moms did a fantastic blog post for their site that incorporates a YouTube video, photos, and an engaging story about their experience at Great Harvest’s store. OCM also deserves huge kudos for effectively leveraging social media by blogging to connect a community on its own.

This viral media coverage was achieved with a strategic social media plan and accountability. By effectively leveraging social media, we started a conversation in 140 characters, we were able to make a genuine connection, receive some excellent PR, and have a blog post that can be leveraged further to tell a great story about this small business.

Screenshots from the Blog Post:

YouTube video:

Photo Gallery:

Please CLICK HERE to see the full post.

If you feel your small business could benefit from some dedicated social media management service, please contact me today to get you social media RESULTS!

Please leave any comments/questions and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks 🙂

~Emily A. Hay

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