Social Media for Small Business Owners Presentation at The Community House

‘Hay’ There, Friends!  Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of small business owners at The Community House in Birmingham.  My presentation titled, “Making Social Media Manageable,” was focused on how to be sure YOUR business is set up for MAXIMUM online impact through the effective use of social media.  We had a jam-packed room, delicious treats were provided by Great Harvest Bread in Birmingham and the class ran over the allotted time.  Great social media discussion took place and I am excited for each attendee to put the concepts to work!

I am incredibly passionate about social media strategies for small business owners because a small business owner has a tremendous amount to gain from the RIGHT social media activity. Small business ownership is inherently personal and that can translate very well through a strong social media presence.  The way we use the internet is evolving from a “search” focus to a “social” focus and social media is changing more than just the way we communicate.  Social media is a form of word-of-mouth marketing and this powerful medium strongly impacts the way customers make their buying decisions.

We spent time going through why blogging can bring tremendous benefit for your business.  When you blog for your business, you can establish your position as a leader—as an authority in your field.  When you add value to people’s lives by educating them and giving them the tools to make decisions, its natural for people to feel appreciation and to keep you in mind when they are ready to do business.

We discussed specific social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for example, and addressed best practices to effectively leverage these various platforms.

It’s always helpful to learn by example so I presented a case study on a small business social media client of mine, Great Harvest Bread Co in Birmingham.  This business is experiencing tangible RESULTS through a dedicated social media strategy and having the right social media activity implemented.  You can find specific posts about their success under the “Social Media Results” section of my blog.

What Actions to Take

Are you already set up on the various social networks but aren’t sure you are maximizing your efforts?   Perhaps you have considered using social media but have no idea where to even start.

I can HELP YOU AND YOUR SMALL BUSINESS in the following ways:

– I can work with you to create a customized social media strategy for YOU to follow
– Make ME accountable for implementing social media activity to get RESULTS for your business (scalable service packages available)
– Have me speak to a business group, association or team of your colleagues to build their social media knowledge and get them on-board for this critical initiative

Remember, just like anything in life, consistency is key…this social media marketing process must be followed regularly and with impact in order to experience STRONG RESULTS.

Thank you to The Community House and to the small business owners that attended the class and thank YOU for stopping by to read this post.  By reading this content, you are clearly committed to leveraging this powerful marketing medium for your small business!

Do you still want some more “on the ground” insight?  Sign-up for my July Social Media session at The Community House on Tuesday, July 19th.

THANKS AGAIN for visiting!

~Emily A. Hay

2 thoughts on “Social Media for Small Business Owners Presentation at The Community House

  1. Helly Emily,

    We met at the networking group meeting that Kelly Olin invited you to. I just wanted to see if you were going to be doing another presentation.



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